Why is there a Kehillat Ohel Avraham?

* Because people want davening that is spiritual AND lively
* Because people enjoy having kiddush between Shacharit and the Dvar Torah
* Because the Divrei Torah make you think WITHOUT telling you what to think
* Because it has a warm atmosphere where your involvement is welcomed
* Because people want a kehilla where men are not just a number and women are not glorified cake cutters
* Because you can bring your children without their forever being shushed (child protection guidelines)
* Because it is a friendly shul where there’s no chatting inside, but there’s a comfortable place to do so outside

And THAT'S why there's a Kehillat Ohel Avraham

Join us in our new place: the London School of Jewish Studies, 44 Albert Rd, near Bell Lane, Hendon

Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat at sunset (7:30 p.m. in summer)

Shacharit at 9am

Kiddush at 10am, followed by a shi'ur and kri'at ha-Torah

Kehillat Ohel Avraham ethos

Kehillat Ohel Avraham strives to be a place of spiritual quest, where a person may hear an echo of the divine without compromising his or her intellect. Our learning is characterized by open questioning; our services by joy and song.

Members can download our constitution

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