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From the Yakar Kehilla
10 November 2003

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Yakar Kehilla Committee


The Yakar Kehilla is moving its vibrant Shabbat and festival services to a new home from this Friday night, 14 November.

The Yakar Kehilla will maintain those hallmarks that have made it an especially valuable asset in north-west London. It is primarily known for its serious prayer services, which are both informal and intensely spiritual, with the liveliest singing to be found at any synagogue in the area. Talking is kept at an absolute minimum during tefillot and the Torah reading, but a place is set aside for people who do wish to chat. Also unlike other shuls, the Kehilla holds kiddush between Shacharit and the Torah reading.

Yakar has long been a refuge for people all along the spectrum from newly observant to "frum from birth" who have not felt at home in any other community. The Kehilla will continue to be a warm, friendly and even fun community to join. There are plans for a Chanukah party at which people will be encouraged to strut their stuff and share their talents.

Perhaps most importantly, the Kehilla will continue to be a place where independent thought is encouraged; divrei Torah by Rabbi Jeremy Rosen, the director of the Yakar Educational Foundation, special guests and members of the Kehilla have always given people lots to think about without telling them what to think.
This is the approach the Kehilla plans to continue during the week as well, with classes and discussions where tough questions are encouraged and difficult issues are never dodged.

Moreover, the Kehilla wants all worshippers, men and women, to feel that they and their contributions to the spirit of the davening are welcome.

Services will be held in the hall of the Independent Jewish Day School, 46 Green Lane, near Bell Lane in Hendon. Friday night services begin at 4pm. On Saturday, Shacharit is at 9am, kiddush at 10am followed by Rabbi Rosen's dvar Torah, the Torah reading and Musaf. Mincha is at 4pm, followed by seuda shlishit and Ma'ariv.

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